About Us

We’re a proud custom home building company in the Hayward, Wisconsin area with a standard for high-quality craftsmanship

Josh is a second-generation home builder. He is quick to acknowledge that his love and experience for custom homes is largely due to his opportunity to work side by side with his father since he was a child. In recent years, Josh has taken ownership of the business, while still getting the privilege to work on site with his father. We are forever grateful for our roots. Josh has a knack for creative design. He’s passionate about taking your ideas from paper to build.

Rachael officially joined the team a few years ago. Josh and Rachael have three children at home, and when not homeschooling their children, she spends her time working in the office and alongside Josh as much as possible. Together Josh and Rachael enjoy all the delights of living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

The Hayward, Wisconsin area is a wonderful place to raise a family, enjoy creation, and create community. They feel extremely blessed to call this area their home.

Yoder Family Photo